MC System produces turnkey communication, navigation, runway lighting, aircraft docking and airport data systems, convenient tofor international standards. 

The design of this system, supply and installation issues are performed partially or completely as turnkey solution according to the specification and tothe location conditions.

Airport navigation system, that provides aircraft position data such as angle, distance and deviation from centerline, has vital importance for aircrafts especially in adverse weather conditions. It has especially vital importance for safe landing where unfavorable meteorological conditions takes place.

Runway lighting systems and guidance equipment designed to help visually for safe landing and take-off of the aircraft at airports, are designed to meet ICAO and FAA standards and trustfully offered for the use of pilots

Since there is an increase on demands for airway, new sophisticated technologies started to develop to render operation easier; aircraft docking system, which makes plane movement easier on apron and increases management efficiency and safety.

Flight Information system, Airport Information System, Central clock, Announce and Audio System and Airport Car Parking Systems are installed other than main systems.