Our Corporate Identity  

Our corporate identity can be defined with our global business. We manufacture global solutions with our accumulated knowhow and innovation.


To produce high-tech turnkey solutions throughout the world with the ability of being qualified in project engineering. 


To be a worldwide competitor firm with high valued projects


Innovativeness: To carry out changes and innovations by adding value in the projects & its process, where competition is getting more difficult every day. 

Celerity: To do the necessary planning for mobilization and rapid completion of the projects 

Continuous Improvement: To reach our corporate goals by measuring changes in carried out breakthroughs and by providing continuous improvement in the achievement chart. 

Safety: "Zero Accident" policy, In order to protect all personnel working on construction sites and plants, Environment, Safety and Health (ÇGS) policy is to apply permanently. 

Environmental Awareness: In order to leave a livable world for future generations, is to prevent contamination in soil, air and water and is to recover the maximum amount  of the waste produced from the design stage to the delivery stage of being carried out in all projects, with an eco-friendly approach,