Traffic Monitoring And Management Systems

Traffic Monitoring and Management Systems are the electromechanical solutions to provide the driving safety on highways and state roads in accordance with international standards and to operate road at the optimum level. System consists of network, camera, traffic lights and signs, weight sensors, vehicle counting sensors, speed measuring sensors and other components such as meteorological sensors which are is installed along the highways and/or state roads.


Basic functions performed by sensors installed along the motorways are:

  • Measurement of Traffic Density And Traffic Diversion
  • Driver Aid Information
  • Weather and Road Condition Measurement
  • Automatic Ice Prevention
  • Auto Fog Warning
  • Instantaneous and Average Speed ​​Detection
  • Weighing of vehicles in motion and Classification


All events are monitored and recorded on the highway day and night by control center. All recordings are made with event detection system data. Alarms are automatically run the scenario described by the operator. All data analyzes, trends, alarms presented to the operator with an advanced user interface.

Inside the system, one control center or more sub-centers can be defined depending on the physical and operating conditions