Signalization Systems

MC system built turnkey signalization systems for trains to transport securely. Signalization systems are composed of;

  • CTC and Software
  • Interlocking and Software
  • Local Control Panels
  • Signals
  • Switch motor
  • Track Circuit
  • Automatic Train Stop
  • Level Crossing Systems
  • European Train Control Systems (ETCS)

Equipment of railroad system is on SIL-4 safety level. High security level system eliminates human errors and makes dispatcher false designation almost impossible.

 MC Sistem NRTH-100 Signalization System is composed of digital Interlocking and sequence operative CTC software. Other than NRTH-100 system can be installed depending on environment of the area where the railway is going to be built.

Systems are built according to country’s operation conditions with UIC, EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, CENELEC and GOST standards.

MC Sistem builds railway projects with a strong experience from project drawing to railway certification.