Electrification Systems

MC Sistem builds electrification systems for conventional railway lines and  light railway systems.  AC current for conventional lines, DC current for light railway system is used in order to ensure the most secure transportation.

Electrification systems are consist of; power distribution unit, station posts, LCC (Local Control Center), RCC (Remote Control Center) and conductive and on-pole equipment, along the way.

Energy distribution unit, where cutter, separator and distributor equipment and necessary safety and control devices kept, provides high voltage to the system.

Station Posts are the nodes, which are placed on catenary line and responsible to coordinate internal energy distribution.

Equipment in energy distribution unit and station posts is operated by LCC (Local Control Center), which is an intermediate stage control center.  Cooperates with Remote Control Center in order perform a system analyses and reporting.

Poles are designed in correct category and class, according to related terms of reference, in order to install conductive and mechanical equipment safely.

In addition, international ground connection is done for each device along the line and facilities to protect system elements.