Electromechanical & SCADA Systems

MC Sistem produces SCADA and electromechanical system to provide station and tunnel safety for subway lines. These systems are;

  • Medium Voltage Supply System
  • Low Voltage Distribution System
  • Lighting Systems
  • Ventilation System
  • CCTV System
  • Passenger Information System
  • Passenger transition System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Fire Extinguishing System
  • Train Station Watch System
  • Public Announce System


SCADA is the main skeleton for these subsystems and user interface to communicate with each other.

Energy system ensures subway electromechanical system to work securely and continuously.

Lighting and ventilation systems are designed to set optimum conditions of tunnels, platforms and stations; and control them.

CCTV System monitors entire station and tunnels and senses unusual incidents.

Timing of the trains can easily be tracked from Passenger Information Displays.

Fire Detection system simulates every possible fire scenarios in case of any fire warning. Remote Wet pipe and gaseous fire extinguishing systems are installed in Subway System.

Timing system regulates train timing to work synchronously.

Public announce systems audial informs passengers, either automatically or manually.

These subsystems are integrated to work within a harmony and designed modularly, taking a capacity increase in consideration.