Signalization Systems

Driverless or manual subway signalization systems are installed in order to assure a safe travel. Subway signalization consists of;

-Control Centers

  • OCC (Operational Control Center)
  • STC  (Station Traffic Center)
  • VOBC (Vehicle On-Board Computer)


  • Interlocking Hardware and Software
  • Switch Motor
  • Signals
  • Track Circuit
  • Loop Detectors
  • Platform Door System
  • Emergency Stop System
  • Emergency Brake System


Subway signalization systems are aimed to design in safety level that can eliminate human error. Considering, subway system is way of underground transportation system; necessary interfaces are built to manage safety precautions for each possible emergency scenarios with fully compatible SCADA and electromechanical system.  It is aimed to build a platform for subway system operators to be able use to regulate subway sequence effectively for every method such as Manual; Automated Driverless, Partially automated Subway systems.

Subway signalization system is controlled and monitored from control center, which are placed on surface or in stations. This control mechanism is integrated with each communication platforms either wireless or cabled in order provide highest level of safety. 

CBTC system is installed to decrease life cycle costs of the facilities, increase the passenger capacity and safety level. Bidirectional radio communication is installed to ensure control systems to work in a perfect harmony and subway operators to perform optimum management.

Required conditions a repeatedly questioned for a secure train dispatch with Interlocking and CBTC systems. Trains location, determined with receptors; system constituents of the way and any defect is announced to user both visually and audial.

Platform door system prevents pedestrians to enter to the railway tunnels.  Emergency stop system is installed for an emergency trigger from outside of the vehicle and emergency brake system is installed for an emergency trigger inside of the vehicle.

Subway signalization system is designed to meet standards of CENELEC, EN and UI of CBTS sector. Designs are made under V-V model according RAMS specifications, convenient to EN50126.