Radar and Navigation Systems

Airport navigation system, that provides aircraft position data such as angle, distance and deviation from centerline, has vital importance for aircrafts especially in adverse weather conditions.  Internationally convenient, high-tech navigations system is certificated on condition of surface and flight controls are done regularly. Navigation systems for airports are stated below;

  • Radar:

Tracks aircraft, distance and location wise, on displays.

  • ILS (Instrument Landing System):

Built for 06 and 24 airfield separately, consisting of localizer, glideslope, middle marker and DME units.

  • DVOR (Doppler VHF Omni-Directional Range/Radio)

Navigation device

  • DME (Distance Measurement Equipment)

Available for 06 ILS, 24 ILS and DVOR

NDB (Non Directional Beacon):